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Consider this scenario: you’re bundled up for the winter, heading to work or even hitting the slopes, and your phone rings. What do you do? Typically, you would have to remove your gloves to operate your smartphone. This is not only inconvenient, but also time consuming, meaning you may miss that important phone call. It is not uncommon to find yourself having to choose between taking your gloves off to answer the phone and keeping them on to stay warm and foregoing communication. If you are sick of this predicament, Glider Gloves are a perfect solution.

Glider Gloves are the best touchscreen gloves in the world. With them, you will never have to choose between staying connected and staying warm. They provide total functionality for a seamless transition to your smartphone device while wearing. Let’s take a closer look at who can use them, how they compare to other touchscreen gloves on the market, and how they work.

Where to Use Glider Gloves

Glider Gloves are appropriate for all situations. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, Glider Gloves can provide you with the same functionality and poise on your touchscreen device. The next time you are on a lunch run in the wintertime and need to grab a phone call from your boss or an important client, you can take it without needing to take off your gloves first, or use your nose or tongue like others.

Glider Gloves are also great for those suffering with Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a circulatory condition that causes the skin, especially of the extremities to become white or blue, and causes uncomfortable or painful sensations. You can wear them practically everywhere, and their functionality make them easy to use all year long when you need added protection in a cold office or a cool spring morning.

Glider Gloves v. The Competition

There is no shortage of touchscreen gloves on the market today, but what sets Glider Gloves apart? Traditional touchscreen gloves limit your smartphone use to a single fingertip or two. Not to mention the fact that many of these fingertips are floppy and awkward to use on a glove that doesn’t keep your hand very warm anyways. Other gloves are just too bulky to get around with, or are coated with conductive material that is sticky, will wear off or simply doesn’t work as promised.

There are also touchscreen gloves that are on the right track, by putting conductive threading into the fingertips, but it still limits your usage to just your fingertips. Glider Gloves use conductive thread in the entire glove to give you complete access. They are the next best thing to using your hands for your touchscreen device, plus they’ll keep you warm!

How They Work

Glider Gloves are carefully engineered to provide total functionality to your gloved hands. Your touchscreen device likely works by recognizing the electrical current on your fingertips and skin. We have incorporated conductive copper fibers throughout the entire glove, bridging the gap between your skin and your capacitive device. This means that you can seamlessly communicate with your smartphone and the increasing number of capacitive devices that you come across from day to day.

Glider Gloves allow you to tap, swipe, and even zoom your touch screen with any part of your hand, not just the fingertip like other touchscreen gloves. Not only that, but they are equipped with a silicon grip so you can hold your smartphone confidently knowing that Glider Gloves will help you hold on tight.

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Glider Gloves come in two distinct styles: Urban and Winter. Urban style is meant for warmer weather, or shorter trips outside. They are thinner, and lack the extra protective layer of the winter style. They are well fitting to allow for the best smartphone capabilities, and range in size so everybody can enjoy them. Our winter style glove is meant for longer trips outdoors, to partake in winter activities, or just for better protection if you are prone to the cold. Even with its extra layer, this style is just as functional and smooth as the urban style.

If you are sick of battling with traditional smartphone gloves to stay connected when it’s cold, instead of giving up and facing the chill, try Glider Gloves. You can learn more about them, our business, and order a pair or two of your own pair today on our website.

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We are confident that you will love Glider Gloves as much as we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Glider Gloves, before or after you buy. We want to hear from you!

Winter Style Touch Screen Gloves


Heavier glove with noticeably thicker, double lined,
insulation. They provide warmth for long periods of time
outdoors and offer great touch accuracy and
finger dexterity.

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Urban Style Touch Screen Gloves


Low profile, light weight, and slim fitting glove. They provide warmth and protection for shorter periods of time outdoors and offer unbeatable touch accuracy and dexterity.

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