Glider Gloves Review

When it comes to winter, it can be very miserable when you are cold, and infinitely better when you can stay warm. Thick socks, boots, hats, scarves, and a warm coat are a great start but gloves are an extra that many people forget or forego. This is because they are bulky, tricky to manipulate, and make it practically impossible to operate your smartphone. Fortunately, touchscreen gloves are on the rise, but some are better than others.

Glider Gloves are the best touchscreen gloves on earth. They provide full smartphone functionality in a warm, well-fitting glove. Let’s take a look at how you can use Glider Gloves, how they work, how they stack up against the competition, and what people are saying about us.

Where Glider Gloves Can Take You

Whether on a quick grocery trip, a long commute to work, or even something as extreme as backcountry skiing, Glider Gloves are a great tool to have in your winter arsenal. They keep you warm while allowing you to seamlessly use your smartphone device like no other touchscreen gloves before to make calls, send texts, take pictures and more.

Glider Gloves are also great for those suffering from Raynaud’s disease, a circulatory condition that makes extremities like the nose, and especially the fingers, turn blue or white. A flare up can be very uncomfortable, and even painful in severe cases. A pair of Glider Gloves allow those suffering some protection from cold bursts that cause flare ups, and can even be worn practically indoors in a cold office, the refrigeration section of a grocery store, or a cool spring morning.

Glider Gloves vs. The Competition

Traditional smartphone gloves are more trouble than they are worth. They leave you with nothing but a floppy fingertip in an uncomfortable poor fitting glove that is awkward to use and might not even keep your hands warm. It can be very frustrating trying to manipulate a single fingertip to answer a call, forget about sending a long text message or zooming in on your screen.

Other touchscreen gloves have a coating on the fingertip that is sticky on your smartphone, making it impossible to glide easily across your screen. If you can get it to work, it is likely that this coating will wear off, rendering the gloves useless for their intended purpose, and effectively wasting your money.

There are some that have caught onto the Glider Glove idea, but still limit your use to the tips of your fingers. Glider Gloves allow you to use your entire hand to swipe, tap, scroll and zoom effortlessly. They aren’t just your typical cold weather glove, either. Glider Gloves come equipped with an extra layer of super soft interior to keep your hands warm while still giving you full touchscreen capabilities. Glider Gloves also have a no slip silicone palm to help you firmly and confidently hold your phone. It’s like you’re not even wearing a glove!

How Glider Gloves Work

Gloves prevent your hands from communicating with your touchscreen device, but Glider Gloves have been specially engineered to fix this problem. Capacitive touch devices use the electrical current on your skin to manipulate sensors under the screen. When you wear a glove, that connection is lost. Glider Gloves bridge the gap between your skin and your phone by conducting the current through it. Glider Gloves are equipped with copper fiber woven into the entire glove.

Glider Gloves come in two styles: Urban and Winter. Urban style is great for short trips outside in the winter, warmer fall or spring days, or for those needing extra protection any time. Winter style is equipped with an extra layer to keep you warm and cozy for long trips outside, colder days, and winter activities. Both styles are well fitting and give you full functionality on your capacitive device. They come in a variety of sizes so you can have a perfect fit for the best results. Make sure to look at the sizing guide before you order.

Order Today

We believe that you should never have to choose between staying warm and staying connected. In our modern world, it is vital to be available to avoid missing important messages, and even important opportunities. Now, when your phone rings, you can effortlessly answer with your gloves on before it goes to voicemail.

Bring yourself into the future with Glider Gloves. Order a pair or two of your own now. We will even ship them to you for free in the United States and Canada. You can browse our website for more information on our gloves, our company and history, and Raynaud’s disease.

Winter Style Touch Screen Gloves


Heavier glove with noticeably thicker, double lined,
insulation. They provide warmth for long periods of time
outdoors and offer great touch accuracy and
finger dexterity.

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Urban Style Touch Screen Gloves


Low profile, light weight, and slim fitting glove. They provide warmth and protection for shorter periods of time outdoors and offer unbeatable touch accuracy and dexterity.

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