Smartphone Gloves

No matter where you live, it is always important that you stay warm. For some, that requires a lot more than others. In Canada, we have to really bundle up in the winter to stay comfortable, and part of that ensemble should be a good pair of gloves. Gloves keep your hands warm while protecting them from the biting, freezing cold.

The only problem is that most gloves restrict the use of our hands. This is untrue of Glider Gloves. Glider Gloves are the best smartphone gloves out there because not only do they keep your fingers toasty warm, they also allow you total use of your smartphone device so you never have to choose between staying warm and staying connected on those frosty days. Here’s a look at where you might need a pair of your own, no matter where in Canada you live.


Toronto is a cultural hub of the province Ontario. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunities to explore the city and its many gardens, malls, and other amusements for fear of being cold. There is no reason to miss out on the many sights of this city.


Calgary is the hotspot for Canada’s Olympic history. Canada’s Olympic park has all of the winter recreation you can dream of, as well as the Olympic plaza. Calgary is a beautiful city full of culture, parks, and museums. Unfortunately, not all of these are inside where you won’t need to bundle up.


Ottawa is home to Canada’s largest skating rink, on top of the Rideau Canal. Starting in January or February, the canal freezes over, perfect for about 8 kilometers of ice perfect for skating if you’re prepared properly.


There are dozens of beautiful parks and outdoor recreational areas in Mississauga that are just as beautiful in the winter. It is located right on lake Ontario, and unfortunately comes with the chill of the great lakes. However, the beautiful scenery, culture, and activities here as well as the greater Toronto area is great for both summer and winter.


Montreal is the closest thing you can get to Europe without leaving Canada. It is a beautiful city, full of culture all its own, and unique architecture. Montreal is breathtaking, and worth exploring, whether or not the thermometer allows it. Take advantage of its amazing views, foods, drinks, and shopping.


Vancouver is known for their seaside views and incredible parks. Although Vancouver weather is fairly tame, rainy weather mixed with the cold of the north can prove daunting. Luckily, Vancouver has plenty of activities in the city and surrounding area to keep you busy! The mountains surrounding the area are full of summer and winter activities for the mountain goer, and the cities have enough culture, food, and shopping to keep anybody busy.

Get Glider Gloves

We have created a product that is made for functionality. Whether you are touring a city and need light protection in the fall and spring, or you are hiking in the snow and are in need of something more heavy duty, we have options to cater to both of those needs. You can quickly and accurately use your smartphone while doing any activity with your glider gloves, making staying connected anywhere in the cold a breeze.

Before you give up on smartphone gloves, and opt to just stay inside, give Glider Gloves a try. We offer both urban and winter style gloves in sizes for everybody. Browse our collection here and order today.