Branded and Promotional Products

Glider Gloves can be easily decorated with a logo or text of your choice

Minimum Order Quantity starts at 200 pairs

Silk Screen (1 to 3 colours)

Screen print with elastic based ink and flash cure can be positioned on the top or side of hand only.

FUTEX Finish (full colour)

A patented flock, full colour logo reproduction. The flock fibers provide vibrant colour reproduction that gives a higher perceived value. The logo can be permanently applied to any part of the glove. Also available in 3D for a full colour embroidery look and feel.

asi/57539, SAGE/69667, PPAI/547429

Corporate Gifting/Team Gifting

Impress your clients or reward your team.
The gift they will be talking about all winter!

Free shipping! Delivery as quick as 3 days.

No minimum order quantity.

Mix and match style, sizes and colours.

Wholesale and Distribution

Glider Gloves is proud to offer our touchscreen gloves for direct wholesale purchase.

Minimum Order Quantity starts at 100 pairs for qualified vendors.

Choose mixed style/size/colours in multiples of 10 pairs.

For smaller orders, take a look at our everyday special offers.

For more a comprehensive solution, we also work with the following technology distributors:

Distribution Partners

Quality versus Quantity

Glider Gloves are quality made touch screen gloves that are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and
UKAS certified facilities. Our gloves are now also REACH Compliant.

Feel free to speak directly with a Sales Executive to get
more information and to request samples.

[email protected] 1-877-433-9908 x 601

Show Off Your Brand With Pride With Custom Texting Gloves

One of the most important factors to creating a successful team is pride. During the cold winter months, everyone appreciates a bit of extra warmth. Put those two ideas together and you get custom branding smartphone gloves. Glider Gloves offers cutting edge custom branded gloves that will allow your workers to text and use their electronic devices with ease and comfort. Regular gloves don’t work on smartphones and can lead to bad moods (no one wants to take off their gloves in the cold) and difficulty.

Our wholesale Glider Gloves are made with conductive materials that make it easy for your worker to use devices in the cold. Furthermore, Glider Gloves are lightweight and insulated, making them a perfect gift for your employees. After all, everyone has a smartphone, and you can be guaranteed that no one will think to give personalized smartphone gloves as a gift. Glider Gloves can also be given out as promotional product texting gloves and help you build brand recognition and loyalty.

Everyone loves when their company gives them gifts, and everyone needs gloves. We are certain that Glider Gloves will make you the talk of the office and that you’ll see people wearing theirs with pride.