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Long gone are the days where you can go about your day without having to worry about what’s going on online. Thanks to the smartphone, we are more connected to our friends than ever before due to instantaneous communication. Unfortunately, we have to stay updated to keep up in this ever-evolving world, and that means being able to access your smartphone.

In the cold, it becomes uncomfortable and even impossible to use your smartphone because of the cold’s harsh bite. Glider Gloves has created a solution so you never have to choose between staying comfortable and staying warm. Our touchscreen gloves are fully compatible with your smartphone and allows you to use your entire hand rather than just your fingertips like other gloves on the market. Here’s a look at where in the United States that they could come in handy for you.

Winter Style Touch Screen Gloves


Heavier glove with noticeably thicker, double lined,
insulation. They provide warmth for long periods of time
outdoors and offer great touch accuracy and
finger dexterity.

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Urban Style Touch Screen Gloves


Low profile, light weight, and slim fitting glove. They provide warmth and protection for shorter periods of time outdoors and offer unbeatable touch accuracy and dexterity.

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New York

New York’s many attractions are perhaps some of the most famous icons, locations, and events in the world. Whether you are counting down the new year in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or enjoying the city lights after dark, staying warm is important. With New York’s harsh northeastern winters, a pair of Glider Gloves could really come in handy for those needing to stay warm and connected in the Greatest City in the World.


If you live in Chicago, there is no doubt about how bitter the colder months can be. Nicknamed “The Windy City” for a reason, Chicago is known for its miserably frigid winters. However, the cold should not stop you from experiencing what a winter in Chicago has to offer. Grab your Glider Gloves and head to the Art Institute, take a nice walk down Michigan Avenue and take in the sights, or unleash your wild side by visiting the Lincoln Park ZooLights Festival.


New England is a great place to be, all year round. In the winter, there is no shortage of opportunities to experience the winter by ice skating on one of the many frozen lakes, take a stroll through the icy parks in the city, or go skiing in one of the nearby resorts. One of the most popular is Loon Mountain located north of Boston in Vermont. Check it out for a day of winter fun, and don’t forget your Glider Gloves to keep your hands warm while you document these great experiences.


One of the things that you cannot get in New York City is the festive residential Christmas décor. People spend days preparing their house to welcome Santa Clause. Each year, Dyker Heights neighborhood puts on a spectacular light show featuring thousands and thousands of twinkling colorful lights. You won’t want to miss it, or the amazing photo ops that come along with it.


Colorado is famous for its huge Rocky Mountains, vast alpine forests, and amazing skiing. Denver is nearly central in the state, and serves as a great hub for all the best skiing in Colorado. Skiing and snowboarding are very intense sports, and require a lot of concentration, skill, and layers to stay warm. Don’t risk dropping a glove off the ski lift to check your phone before you get back to the slopes. Wear gloves that allow you to use your phone without taking them off and bearing the cold.

Washington, D.C

The holidays in Washington, D.C. is a sight to behold. Everything from the lighting of the national Christmas tree, to the snowy national mall is alive during these times. Washington, D.C. doesn’t let the cold or snow get in the way of appreciating our nation’s rich history or enjoying all that this city has to offer. You can even get together with others for a snowball fight organized by D.C.’s very own Snowball Fight Association. Don’t miss out on these activities for fear of missing out online.

Glider Gloves

We have made it our mission to come up with a practical solution to one of the problems that winter causes. We made Glider Gloves so that you can stay connected while staying comfortable. Now, there is no reason to go outside and expose your hands to the elements every time you need to send a text, reply to an email, or even pick up a phone call. Gloves protect your hands from the elements that could trigger an attack for those suffering from Raynaud’s, or make your hands numb, dry or cracked.

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If you are sick of having to take your winter gloves off every time you need to use your phone on a winter day, give Glider Gloves a try. They are comfortable, practical, and provide full functionality of your phone. They come in two styles: Urban, and Winter, so you can stay warm no matter how cold it is outside.

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