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Glider Gloves for Children

Ever heard this from your child during the wintertime? “My gloves don’t work on my iPad, iPhone or other electronic device.” We have too. That’s why we created Glider Gloves, the perfect warm and soft glove that will work on any electronic device. Glider Gloves work as kids’ touch screen gloves as well as texting gloves for kids. Glider Gloves work on these devices because they’re manufactured with conductive materials and react when in contact with a device, allowing a seamless response when your child touches the device.

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Urban Style Black Smartphone Gloves by Glider Gloves Urban Style Touchscreen Gloves (Black)
Retail Price: $29.99
Buy for Less On Amazon: $18.99

Winter Style Black Warm Smartphone Gloves by Glider Gloves Winter Style Touchscreen Gloves
Retail Price: $29.99
Buy for Less On Amazon: $18.99


Our Glider Gloves for children are perfect for boys and girls and come in a variety of colors so they can express their personality. They’re also double lined and come with an anti-slip grip so you can avoid replacing electronics. Glider Gloves also make great iPad gloves for children and can help entertain your child during a cold day outside. We’re confident that our Glider Gloves will provide your child with endless entertainment and warmth in the cold weather and that you’ll be happy because they’re happy.