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Find & Claim Portals With Touch Screen Ingress Gloves

Many believe there is nothing more important to an Ingress agent than a smartphone, but your phone is useless if you can’t work it. Designed with Ingress agents in mind, we’ve created a new tool for your arsenal: capacitive Ingress Glider Gloves. Our Ingress official gloves are made with conductive materials and will allow you to communicate with your fellow Resistance and Enlightened agents and claim portals in cold weather, a time during which only the most dedicated agents play.

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Ingress Englightened Edition Glider Gloves Ingress Edition Touch Screen Gloves - Faction: Enlightened
Retail Price: $29.99
Buy for Less On Amazon: $18.99


We know without a doubt that touchscreen Glider Gloves are the best Ingress gloves out there because they’re manufactured to help you make the best use of your skills and feature full-touch response, warmth, protection and an anti-slip grip. Our Glider Gloves Ingress collection includes gloves for both Ingress Resistance and Enlightened agents and have the faction logo printed on the glove so you can easily identify your allies. These Ingress wearables also come with city grid inner lining and a faction-branded screen cleaning tag.

When you buy your Ingress gear from Glider Gloves, you’re giving your faction the best chance at securing the future they dream of.