We strive hard to make our gloves meet the highest quality and we conform to EAN sizing standards to ensure a nice comfortable fit. But, just like snowflakes, no two hands are the same. Below you will find a size chart that you should use as guidance. The idea is to find the general sizes that matches your hand measurements as oppose to worrying too much about the specific hand width or finger length.

To help narrow down your selection, here is some feedback we have from our customers:

  • The Winter style gloves tends to fit more snug, while the Urban style fits looser.
  • If you like your gloves more fitted, go with the smaller option, and if you like your gloves looser, go with a larger option.
  • Size Medium and Large are the top sellers, in both Winter style and Urban style. Large is well suited for a man, medium or small for a woman
  • Choose size Small Winter style for very small hands including children, some women, and someone with a 'petite' hand or shorter finger length. Select this size if you like a tighter glove fit.
  • Medium is ideal for smaller hands including most women, female teenagers, male and female tweens, and some men.
  • Size Large is best suited for most men, male teenagers, or someone with larger hands or longer fingers.
  • Extra Large is usually good for men with very large hands, larger wrist.




Small / X-Small For smaller hands including most women, female teenagers, female tweens, children, and someone with a 'petite' hand or shorter finger length
Small/Medium Best suited for small and medium sized hands including most women, tweens, some males or someone with a smaller hand size but longer fingers.
Medium / Large Best suited for some men, male teenagers, male tweens, and some females. Not recommended for someone with a very large hand (in this case, choose from Urban or Winter styles)

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