Heavier glove with noticeably thicker, double lined,
insulation. They provide warmth for long periods of time
outdoors and offer great touch accuracy and
finger dexterity.

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Low profile, light weight, and slim fitting glove. They provide warmth and protection for shorter periods of time outdoors and offer unbeatable touch accuracy and dexterity.

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Winter gloves for iPhone, Android, and Smartphones

We make the best touch screen compatible gloves for men, women and children. Touchscreen gloves, also known as texting gloves or even iPhone gloves, are gloves that allow you to interact with your screen with your gloves on so your hands stay warm. Our gloves are designed for winter use, keeping your hands protected and toasty and with an amazing ability to still type and swipe your phone like normal.

How do they work?

Using special conductive micro-fibers woven into the liner, we are able to bridge the conductive gap your gloves create between you and your device.

The result? Amazing touch response along your entire hand and fingers and allows for precise control and unparalleled touch response of your touchscreen device - no matter which part of the glove you use.

We strive to find that perfect balance of warmth and protection while keeping your gloved fingers working!

Conductive yarns along
entire hand - not just
the tips

Anti-Slip grip keeps a
secure hold of your

Constructed with
thermally insulated
layers for warmth

Soft brushed interior
for comfort and
added protection


We believe your connections should have no limitations!

The connections we have with each other are what’s most important, they’re irreplaceable.
Contact should be seamless, without barriers and without limits, working every time, all the time, no matter what.

The freedom to touch anytime, anywhere

We’ve created the best touchscreen gloves in the world that are innovative, practical, and simple to support your tech-infused lifestyle.
Warm and durable winter gloves that work with any capacitive touch screen panel – think iPhone, Android, iPad, Galaxy Gear and similar.

We're a small company with a big heart

We saw a problem that needed a solution and have designed and grown our product from the ground up.
We use direct customer feedback to make Glider Gloves a world class product.