A Practical Touch Screen Glove Solution

We've made it. A thermally insulated touchscreen compatible winter glove. They provide AMAZING touch response along your entire gloved hand, no matter how you use them and on any touchscreen device. Made from a blend of synthetic thermal micro-fibers, conductive yarns, and a light stretch, GLIDER GLOVES provide amazing comfort, protection, and suitable hand dexterity for everyday outdoor tasks.

We strive to find that perfect balance of warmth and protection while keeping your gloved fingers working!

A market existed for all touchscreen users who were baffled in the winter that their regular gloves did not work on touch screen devices. The reason: capacitive touch screen devices require a conductive path from your fingers to the screen. Regular gloves block your hands bio-electricity and are unable to register touch response.
GLIDER GLOVES provide that conductive path…
With the growing acceptance of touchscreen and multi-touch devices, a practical solution was required. Out came GLIDER GLOVES. Examples of touch screen devices affected include:
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Black Berry Torch, Droid, Windows Phone, HTC, LG, Samsung, Tablet PC's, GPS Navigation, e-readers, ATMs, and many more capacitive touch based technologies.
We are one of the first Canadian supplier of conductive gloves for retail and wholesale distribution. We are currently seeking qualified retail outlet vendors who would like to carry our product. Our company is based out of Toronto, Canada. Established in 2010. See opportunities for