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Warm Raynaud's Touch Screen Gloves

Raynaud's syndrome typing gloves
Proud donors to the Raynaud's Association since 2014, Glider Gloves are the perfect solution for sufferers of Raynaud's syndrome who desire to text on a smartphone while wearing warm gloves. Raynaud's disease gloves ensure those effected by the medical phenomenon’s symptoms of numb toes and cold fingers are protected from cold air that may cause an attack. Leave your gloves on at the office, while taking a walk outside, at the big game or even around the house! The secret behind our touch screen gloves is a conductive copper yarn weave that allows you to text, tap, swipe or pinch any phone screen, including iPhones.

Our Raynaud's winter gloves can be used for those enduring paresthesia tingling or numbness and are available in two models, a Winter & Urban Style. The Winter texting gloves are insulated and double lined for warmth in cold conditions while offering seamless touch response plus an anti-slip grip. The Urban glove features a low profile design, slim fit in addition to the same anti-slip grip, keeping the phone securely in your hand. Both models are perfect Raynaud's gloves for typing without needing to remove your glove and risk another attack.

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"Great for change of seasons - I have raynauds and am able to use this in the fall without having the problems I usually do. I will be using them under another pair of gloves for the winter season because they do let air in and that usually causes the raynauds to flair up..."

- Sara, MN United States

"LOVE THEM! - Not only did the gloves arrive quickly, but I absolutely love them. I have Raynaud's in my hands and these gloves are fantastic. The touch screen works really well. I'll be ordering another pair for sure...."

- Pamela G, Whitby, ON Canada