Raynaud’s Gloves

Gloves are an important part of day to day life for those suffering from Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s is a condition that causes the blood vessels in the hand to contract, keeping blood from the fingertips, turning your hands, blue or white. Although it is likely nothing serious, some people experience great pain and discomfort due to a Raynaud’s flare up. Gloves tend to reduce these attacks.

Glider Gloves is proud to be a donor to the Raynaud’s Association since 2014. We are dedicated to giving people with Raynaud’s a practical solution that prevents flare ups while allowing them to use their touchscreen phone, tablet, and laptop track pad. They are also functional enough to retrieve a card from your wallet, or grab something from your pocket or purse. Let’s take a look at where you can wear them to stay comfortable and prevent another Raynaud’s flare up. There’s no reason to have to worry about being uncomfortable when you have a pair of Glider Gloves!


Strolling around Toronto is a wonderful experience for those looking for diverse culture, amazing architecture, and great entertainment. Weather in Toronto is fairly moderate because of its proximity to the great lakes, it’s cool air can be problematic.


Calgary was home to the 1988 winter Olympic games, making it a hub for winter sports, but stays on the cooler side all year round, meaning a flare up can happen almost any time.


Ottawa is home to the world’s largest skating rink. In January or February, the Rideau Canal freezes over, creating over 8km of skate-able ice to enjoy. Unfortunately, Ottawa winters can be brutally cold, and temperatures can stay below freezing starting in November and go until at least March, causing much discomfort in those with Raynaud’s.


Mississauga is full of parks and recreational areas to take advantage of year round. It is located off of Lake Ontario and similar to Toronto, has fairly moderate weather through the winter, which is much warmer than other places in the country.


If you are a fan of activities like skiing, shopping, and great food, Montreal is the place to be. In the winter, you can ski in Mont-Royal and head into the city for a hot drink and great food. Even at its worst, Montreal weather does not get below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning a good pair of gloves should keep you comfortable through all your activities.


Vancouver has a lot of things to do: museums, gardens, amusement parks, and plenty of places to sight see. It is right on the Pacific, meaning that it maintains a steady temperature throughout the year, wind can cause problems for those with Raynaud’s.

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