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Raynaud’s Disease, also known as Raynaud’s Syndrome or Raynaud’s Phenomenon, is a blood vessel disorder typically affecting the extremities. It is caused by the overreaction of the blood vessels in these areas when exposed to a trigger, cutting off blood flow to the area and changing the color of the area from the typical natural color to white or blue, and then bright red when blood flow returns. Although this is not a serious condition to most, it can be unpleasant and sometimes painful to the unlucky folk that have to endure it frequently.

Glider Gloves are a great solution to those seeking a practical glove to wear in their efforts to prevent another flare up. Because of Glider Glove’s full functionality with touchscreen devices and lightweight feel, they are great for everyday wear. They are easy to wear in the office, at home and of course, out in the cold.

An Overview

Those experiencing Raynaud’s will notice their fingers, toes, and maybe even nose and ears, turning white. This signifies the decrease in blood flow to the area. It is also common for these extremities to become blue, signaling the loss of oxygen in the area. This phenomenon is often paired with a tingling or numbness in the fingers, causing some discomfort until the blood flow returns to the fingers.

Raynaud’s affects as many as 5 to 10 percent of Americans, but unfortunately only 20 percent of those people pursue treatment. It can be a minor condition, only changing the color of the skin and causing minor discomfort like tingling, numbing and burning. This is primary Raynaud’s disease. The most severe cases of Raynaud’s are secondary, and caused by other diseases and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, and Buerger’s disease, among others. They can lead to the need for surgery and medicine to help control or manage symptoms by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

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Preventing an Attack

For those with primary and mild secondary Raynaud’s disease, there are easy steps to take to prevent discomfort. Many times, an attack is caused by exposure to cold, so keeping warm is a must. Mittens and gloves can be kept on hand to grab whenever you will be exposed to the cold outside, the refrigerator section of the grocery store, and even getting something quickly out of the freezer at home. You should also wear socks and closed toes shoes, and a warm hat will help to keep in warmth.

Adding these layers to your daily routine can be uncomfortable. Gloves and mittens can prevent you from using your hands to text, pull out your wallet, or even something as simple as entering your pin number. Since Raynaud’s can come on quick, it is important for those suffering to have a practical solution that doesn’t put their lives on hold.

Glider Gloves

For those looking for a lightweight glove to protect from sudden bursts of cold on a cool day, at home, or in the office, we recommend the Urban Style Glider Glove. These provide enough protection to keep your hands and fingers warm while allowing you to freely use your devices without the need to take gloves off, risking triggering an attack.

During the colder months, or for those seeking better protection than the lightweight Urban glove, we recommend the Winter Style Glider Gloves. These provide all the comfort and functionality of the Urban Style, but with another layer added for extra warmth and protection.

Glider Gloves vs. Competition

There are many types of touchscreen gloves out there, but we think that ours are the best. Others are bulky, not warm enough, and just plain frustrating to use. When a glove is bulky or does not have a proper fit, you will be left with a floppy fingertip that is hard to control the way that you want it. For others, the touchscreen compatible material applied to the fingertips wears off easily, wasting your time and money.

Finally, there are those with conductive thread in the fingertips. These are closer to our product, but the difference is that Glider Gloves have the conductive thread through the entire glove, so your phone usage doesn’t have to be restricted to the tips of your index finger and thumb. There’s no reason to have to adapt your style to fit a pair of texting gloves. You can swipe with your knuckle and even your palm if that’s how you prefer it.

About Us

Glider Gloves has been a donor to the Raynaud’s Association since 2014. Many people with Raynaud’s disease have given Glider Gloves great reviews for their warmth, functionality and comfort, keeping their Raynaud’s at bay in the cold. We don’t want Raynaud’s to hold you back.

Our team at Glider Gloves is composed of young and ambitious entrepreneurs, always looking out for the latest and greatest technologies. We are entirely focused on our product and on our consumers, and if it weren’t for feedback from our customers, Glider Gloves would not be the hit that they are today. We’ve been featured at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, media like USA Today and Discovery Channel, and been called the best touchscreen gloves three years in a row by the Wirecutter.

Order Today!

If you have Raynaud’s disease and are looking for practical solutions to manage your symptoms, look no further than Glider Gloves. Check out our website to find the best product for you and order today. Shipping in the United States and Canada is free, and gloves come with a product guarantee, so you know that you can be confident ordering from us.

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